Brand management

“Brands define a company’s products and services. They can characterise a company’s quality and, like patents, form part of its intellectual property. Strong brands constitute an asset.”
German Patent and Trade Mark Office

We are highly familiar with any brand-related issues our clients may encounter. Our decades of experience of international operative business have ensured that we have developed sophisticated brand knowledge.

A strong brand has a dynamic all its own: it facilitates the development of new markets, the launch of new products and the tapping of new sales channels, and also offers high recognition value for users.

However, there is more to branding than customer-focused corporate orientation:

  • Brand protection via registrations
  • Brand protection via prevention of market plagiarism
  • Trademark marketing
  • Clear communication of brand values
  • Brand uniqueness

Besides specific product features and outstanding customer service, the brand itself constitutes a key differentiator in a global market context frequently characterised by substitutable products and services. However, sometimes it can be the only distinguishing characteristic!

In any event, an interactive brand constitutes another success factor which guarantees sustainable, profitable growth, provided that it is continually developed and strengthened.