Market strategy

For sustained success, companies require market analysis data relating to the markets they are currently serving or those they intend to serve in future. These market data can be used as a basis to develop strategic plans in order to enter new markets and to gain and, where necessary, defend market shares.

We support our clients during this planning and decision-making process, to define a successful market strategy for their company in a purposeful manner which is subsequently implemented step by step.

Here, we focus on the market field strategy, which is used to determine the products with which companies represent themselves in specific markets. This involves a consideration of the required level of market penetration, as well as product and market development and diversification. We apply a geographical market strategy to focus on selected sales areas specified by our clients. Regional marketing, which may assume a wide range of different forms, plays a key role in this context.

Increasingly, we employ the strategy of analysing and serving niche markets, which offer huge potential for market entry resulting in excellent opportunities for growth and profitability, particularly for small and medium-sized enterprises. Although the necessary customer focus and continual process adjustment required to achieve this are challenging, they remain a key differentiator on the market.